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Pujaudran Lavender Team

We're a friendly bunch here at Pujaudran Lavender. 

So give us a 'shout out' if you see us around !  The pictures below will help you to recognise us, or to picture who you're dealing with whenever you interact with us.   Isn't that nice?  Real people.........passionate about what we do.


David Backhouse

The one in charge, with big ideas and deep pockets. Usually busy making the products and keeping on top of the groundworks.

Adam Backhouse

The tech-savvy one. Keeps all the online bits running smoothly, although tends to enjoy most of his time in the garden too.

Taya Backhouse

The visual artist. She's the one that captured our lovely faces, as well as all the other photos and videos of our creations and activities.


Samantha Backhouse

The helping hand. She's the one helping out with the many smaller tasks around the garden to make sure every little detail is pefect.

Liam Anderson

The "guest" advisor. Talented horticulturalist offering inspiration and everyday advice to the local team.

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