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Our Story

More About Pujaudran Lavender

Our company was born out of a passion for horticulture and aromatic plants in particular, with the aim of helping as many people as possible to experience, enjoy and appreciate the health and wellbeing benefits these plants and their related products can bring.

Pujaudran Lavender is proud to provide visitors and online customers with the most inspiring, entertaining and educational experiences and the highest quality, organic, plastic free natural products to appreciate in our stunning location or at home.

Our friendly team provide a very warm welcome in our flexible gardens, refreshment areas and workshop spaces to anyone who would like to spend some time and relax, learn about plants and nature, or ask questions about our activities or products.

  • Lavender Gardens

  • Wild Orchid Cafe

  • Camomile Lawn + Herb Circle

  • Wild Flower Gardens

  • Relaxation Areas

  • Plant Nursery

  • Plants Sales

  • Unique Characterful Shop

  • Demonstration Area

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