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Come and visit our playground of nature. Constantly changing and evolving, there is sure to be something to delight you whatever time of year.

We're working hard to create a showcase of the natural world of aromatic plants for you to relax, spend time amongst, photograph and learn from. Our family team are always on hand to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have.

Some highlights of things to do and see during your visit are:

Pujaudran Lavender Main Page

Lavender Plantation and Gardens

Beautiful rows of lavender set out to create an expansive sea of purple just in time for the summer sun to shine. Come and take a walk through this relaxing space to immerse yourself with one of natures most magnificent and sweetly fragranced plants.

Pictures are most defintiely welcome, not that you can resist either way....

Wild Flower Relaxation Areas

Two colourful patches of both annual and perenial wild flowers cover this section of our site, leaving a spectacle of colour to mesmerize any who get too close.

Luckily, we've set up chairs just for that very occasion! Make sure you bring a book......


Camomile Lawn and Herb Circle

Three great rings of an assortment of fragranced herbs surround our patch of lovely camomile filled lawn, bombarding your nose with too many scents to count.

A perfect spot to lie in and relax, with help from our conveniently placed deck chairs... 

Animal Enclosure

An area for something a little more "animated", our animal enclosure is filled with many hens (and the occasional rabbit or two) that are more than happy to come and welcome the new guests in their area!

And on top of that, you'll get to see how they also help us around the garden...


Plant Nursery

A garden has to start from somewhere, and this area helps to show you exactly where it all comes from! With many plants and herbs growing around you, you'll get to see and understand how much hard work these plants go through to bring you the spectacle of our gardens...

And with many of them needing potential homes, they could help your garden too!

"Le Camp" Activity Center

Hosts a wide range of creative activities for children and adults alike, or can be hired for use by interest groups as an undercover canvas classroom/workshop/creative space as required.

Practical, fun and definitely funky!


"Wild Orchid" Cafe and Refreshments (Seasonal)

If you catch us just at the right season, you can enjoy a refreshing drink and/or snack amongst our own patch of wild orchids, staining the ground purple for your enjoyment.

And with a variety of different selections (including vegan!!) from our cafe, we hope those won't be the only things you enjoy....

Shepherds Hut Shop and Demonstration Area

As you come to the end of your wonderful visit on our site, there is yet one last place to enter as you walk down a row of blooming lavender to enter our very own sheperds hut shop, where you can purchase the many products we produce here from our home grown plant materials.

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