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Orange Floral Water (Hydrosol) 100ml

Orange Floral Water (Hydrosol) 100ml


100ml of wonderfully fragrant, pure, natural Orange Floral Water, produced by a steam distillation process and bottled in a glass  bottle with aluminium screw cap.


Hydrosols have a wide range of uses and benefits, and we can provide information and applications sheets if required.


In line with our policy to eliminate the use of single-use plastics, these bottles do not come with spray nozzles.  Re-useable spray nozzles are available seperately, please remember to order if you need one of these.  Once you have used all of the hydrosol in the bottle the spray nozzle can simply be removed, washed through and reused in your next bottle of hydrosol.


Together we can all help to make a difference to our environment !

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